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A 12-week journey back home into your body.

As women, we have been cut off at the knees, dissociated, disconnected from our body, our value, our 'full feminine instincts & energy patterns'*.  We have lost our way of being, our sense of belonging and it is impacting the collective health of our ecosystem. 

Through this mentorship, I will guide and be witness to your own descent into the body, the felt-sense, the depths of your own being.  A journey moving from dissociation towards embodiment.

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Through weaving together yin teachings & modalities such as somatics, yin yoga, embodied movement, cycle awareness, herbs,  .. we support the unique needs and desires of your female nervous system for the slow, the soft, the cyclical. 

Through co- and self-regulation, we cultivate inner safety

This Mentorship includes 12 one-on-one sessions with me, online or in my home. In these sessions we will explore your menstrual cycle, your nervous system, your body's unique way of moving & expressing. Through my gentle support, you will reawaken to the felt-sense, the language of your body.

You will also receive access to the Way of Yin community portal that will serve as continual support and a source of co-regulation during our time together.

* From Descent to the Goddess, Sylvia Brinton Perera

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