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Organic + Somatic Business Support for Cyclical Entrepeneurs*

When we as cyclical enrepeneurs try to keep up with the linear, overly yang ways of society, we repeatedly burn-out, we freeze, we shutdown, overwhelmed by our own fears & self-doubts. We feel limited by our nervous system, betrayed by our emotional depths, unsafe being fully seen in our authentic expression.


When we return to our cyclical ways of being, creating & sharing, we reclaim 'our full feminine instincts and energy patterns'*. We re-awaken our life-force, our creativity, our joy, our freedom, deeply rooted in the fertile soil of our own being. 

Through this Rooted Mentorship, I create the context, the safe 'container', for you to cultivate your own ways. So you can deepen your understanding of and connection to your yin, feminine cycles & rhythms. So you can create & birth from your depths without burning out, supported & fueled by regular seasons of rest. 

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What if you were encouraged to follow your bodies' natural ways of being, creating, & sharing? What if you were told to trust your cyclical ways? Guided back towards 

We do not have to suppress our natural yin ways to 'succeed'. We can untangle us from the 'upperworld, patriarchal' definitions of success that demand the suppression of our body, our depths, our femininity.


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