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 a sanctuary for sensitives

Welcome to The Way Home

A sanctuary for my fellow sensitives who long for a space to safely come home to their body and her incredible wisdom. Through my work, I invite you to explore the inner landscape of your Body-Mind Complex, gently welcoming all parts of you in a loving embrace. On this path, I will serve as your guide, weaving together different modalities such as somatics, embodied movement & yin yoga, infused with my own embodied experience.

You are so welcome to join our community and deepen your own journey home.

Much love,


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Somatic Yoga 

finding safety within


Weekly Somatic Yin & Flow classes


Monthly Full Moon Yin Circle


in Veltem @ De Melkerij 

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Coming Home

personal nervous system support in your healing & embodiment journey

deep rest & nourishment

in my home-sanctuary in Herent

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