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a journey into the heart

On June 16th we come together in community to explore & nourish the archetypal Mother within. This inherent part, present in all of us (regardless of gender or identification), can be a continuous source of unconditional love, warmth & compassion. When we tend to the Inner Mother, we create an inner anchor of safety & support on our healing journey. 

The Inner Mother can hold us through intense & overwhelming sensations, emotions & experiences. She can sit with us, hold us, & listen. No agenda, just love. When we have experiences with chronic nervous system dysregulation due to past trauma or current stress, the Inner Mother can serve as as anchor for expanding our nervous system capacity and self-regulate.


The Inner Mother retreat is for those who:

- desire a more loving relationship with their body 

- want to expand their nervous system capacity for inner safety, compassion & love through self- & co-regulation

- are curious about feminine embodiment 

- want to explore somatic practices to unwind trauma & heal chronic freeze/dissociation & stress

- want to spend time in community 



The retreat is held at De Melkerij in Herent. Depending on participants, it will be in English or Dutch. No yoga experience needed! All practices are accessible and I am devoted to creating a safe space for you to express yourself. 

You can inform us of any food intolerances when you register.

For any additional questions:

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Throughout this retreat, we:

- create a deeper understanding of our female Body-Mind Complex,

- restore the relationship between soma & psyche, body & mind,

- connect with our womb & the wisdom she holds,

- share our stories and find safety in community.

Supported by somatic practices (tailored to our unique female nervous system), creative expression & nourishing meals.


Gentle schedule - subject to change

9:30 arriving in the space, settling in

10:00 opening circle: introducing the Inner Mother & sharing our intentions

11:00 somatic movement practice

12:30 lunch + integration

13:30 workshop: exploring the Inner Mother through creative expression

15:00 somatic yin practice

17:00 closing circle

18:00 end

Inner Mother Retreat
Inner Mother Retreat
16 jun 2024, 10:00 – 18:00
De Melkerij,
Kerkstraat 22a, 3020 Herent, België
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