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I'm Lauren, yoga teacher & founder of The Way Home, devoted to living an authentic, open-hearted life, deeply connected to myself, and the world around me. I am a Cancer Sun & Moon, 4/1 Emotional Manifesting Generator.

I value freedom through authentic expression, creating a sense of safety within & trusting the natural cycles of our body. I believe our bodies are the gateway to wholeness, bringing healing on both an individual and collective level. 

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My Story

I started practicing yoga over a decade ago, initially like many others to manage stress & anxiety. As a highly sensitive being, I experienced the world as an overwhelming, often unsafe place and I was in deep need of support for my tender nervous system. Slowly my yoga practice became my safe haven. After struggling with my mental health for what seemed like forever, I had finally found my way home: my body.


Years of living in dissociation had made my body an unfamiliar place. Trying to keep up with the pace of society  eventually led me to chronic stress & burn-out. Through the somatic practices of slowing down & softening, I started healing the tensions & emotions that my body had been holding for years. Body-based therapy, yin yoga & somatic healing were necessary ingredients for me to find safety within myself.

I created The Way Home as a soft landing space for other sensitives who are looking for nourishment & community. It is my contribution to a gentler, more peaceful world. It is a place where we can rest at the altar of our body. Where our sensitivity is our greatest strength. Where we can trust the pace of our body. Where we can connect deeply from our heart. A place where you can uncover your most authentic self and thrive. A place to find your way home.

Training & Studies


Official training

  • 200h Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training with Power of Now Oasis Sanur, Bali

  • 300h Yoga Therapy Teacher Training with Sampoorna Yoga

  • 300h Embodied Presence - Advanced Yoga & Somatics Training with Carlos Romero

  • 60h Foundations of Yin Yoga with Sampoorna Yoga 

  • 50h Expressions of Yin - Somatic Yin Training with Carlos Romero

  • 30h Yoga Nidra with Sampoorna Yoga 

  • Somatic Experiencing Intro Weekend with SE Belgium

  • Reiki Level I with Melani Koch

  • Foundations of Human Design with Jenna Zoë

Personal studies & continued learning:

  • Astrology, Human Design & Gene Keys

  • Trauma healing through the body

  • The Nervous System & Polyvagal Theory 

  • The Embodied Feminine, Cyclical Living

  • Embodied Anatomy & the Fascia Universe​​ 

  • Sustainable & Ethical Business Practices with Erah Society

  • Deep Rest & Healing Burn-out

  • and more...

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