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deep yin + sound healing 18/06

diving into the depths of our bodies' wisdom

  • Afgelopen
  • 45 euro
  • Yoga Lab Studio

Beschrijving van de dienst

Through yin yoga poses, infused with somatic touch & embodied movement, we'll be diving into the inherent wisdom of our body. We're so used to living from our minds, always thinking, planning and strategizing. But if for a moment, we just stop to listen to what our body is communicating to us 24/7, we'll discover this whole new way of living - in tune with our body, in flow with life. Yin yoga is so powerful because we create this space for feeling & listening through stillness. It's not about doing & performing, but about being & surrendering. Making space for a longer practice allows us to go much deeper and really integrate the shifts that we create in our body and mind during these poses. We'll finish the class with a nourishing crystal bowl sound healing in savasana and some time for journaling any insights.


  • Yoga Lab, Mechelsesteenweg 662, Herent, Belgium


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