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Wintering - Tending to our Roots

Supporting our bodies' desire for deep rest, self- reflection & connection.

  • Afgelopen
  • 75 euro
  • Online on Zoom

Beschrijving van de dienst

Winter is coming. Just as the trees are releasing their leaves and many animals are moving underground to stay warm & safe, our bodies also shift into a different pace. If we listen closely, we can hear her asking for more rest, reflection & connection. Tuning in with the outer cycles of nature, provides a grounding resource for a deeper connection with Self. Instead of pushing through and attempting to keep up with the pace of summer, what if we were to trust our body's call for retreat? While the trees look naked and sad through our human eyes, they are doing vital work preparing for a fruitful & colorful summer: they are tending to their roots. So let's do the same. In the next four weeks, I'll be guiding you inwards. We will be tending our body's desire for rest and self refection through somatic yin practices and time for journaling. We'll start each session reflecting on the art of slowing down, sharing my resources and you can share yours. We will come together every Wednesday evening, from 20:00-21:45 (the latest). We will meet on Zoom & you will receive the recording of every session, so you can enjoy them multiple times.



Kerkstraat 22a, Herent, Belgium

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