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An online workshop on nervous system healing, nourishment & support.

In this 3-hour workshop I’m sharing all my wisdom on the Nervous System & its role in healing trauma, gained through lived experience & embodied learning.

Yoga was my introduction into the world of healing through the body, over 10 years ago now. Since then I have studied Polyvagal Theory, Somatics & Embodiment to deepen my understanding of why I experience the world the way I do & to find a sense of safety within myself.

Understanding my depression, anxiety, chronic stress, burnout, co-depency & so much more from a bodymind approach literally changed the way I treat myself & my body.

It’s not about doing more, endless intellectualizing of our emotions & forcing ourselves past our bodily responses.

I believe in & have experienced the power of slowing down, softening & deep rest as a pathway to healing.

Through understanding my Nervous System, I have created a soft & safe world for myself. I can allow sensations & emotions to arise without fear. I have the capacity for deep connection with others & myself.

I have found my way home.

In this workshop we’ll cover:
- basics of Polyvagal Theory (Vagus Nerve)
- how does our Nervous System get chronically dysregulated?
- how can we find safety & heal our dysregulation?
- how do we support our Nervous System on a daily basis?
- somatic resources & rituals for continued healing

- and so much more.

I recommend this workshop for anyone curious about how their body & specifically Nervous System works, the role it plays in trauma, HSP & healing. This is an in-depth exploration weaving together different branches of holistic healing modalities with your agency at the center.

This is a pre-recorded workshop, taught in English. Once you buy the workshop, you will receive a pdf file linking to the recording. You have unlimited access to this workshop after buying. I recommend downloading the file to ensure access. This content may not be distributed. All sales are final.

Price: €50

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