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Classes are taught in small groups of max. 12 people. Classes are 75 minutes and can be taught in English or Dutch. All levels are welcome! Yoga material is provided in the studio.

Address: De Melkerij, Kerkstraat 22a Veltem-Beisem.

Single class: €15.

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Somatic Yin

For deep rest & healing.

Somatic Yin is a class designed to slow down, soften and rest. We infuse somatic practices into traditional yin yoga poses with the intention of healing our nervous system and restoring the (often difficult) relationship with our body. Gently, we cultivate inner safety through co- and self-regulation.

Together we explore our Body-Mind Complex and welcome those parts of us that we have had to reject. We descend into our subconscious (the body) & connect to the felt-sense through long holds in yin poses & gentle, organic movement. Within the structure of my guidance, I encourage you to let your body be the authority. There is no rush & your body is never wrong.  This experience is infused with sound, smell & reiki infused touch to connect you to your sensual nature.

This class is for everyone who feels overwhelmed, disconnected or burnt-out and who is looking for grounding, connection & safety.

Every Tuesday & Thursday at 20h.

soorten yoga

Somatic Flow

For embodiment & authentic expression.

Somatic Flow is a gentle practice that invites you to explore the authentic expression of your body through movement. We have all been taught to move or not move in a specific way, holding us back from our most organic way of connecting to life: our body. Our body, as the subconscious, no only holds our patterns & unprocessed trauma, but also is the home of so much wisdom and intuition. Through yoga poses, infused with somatic movement practices, we enter into relationship with this wisdom. We unwind patterns of restriction in our tissues so energy can flow freely. en zachte yogales die ruimte maakt voor de vrije expressie van jouw lichaam. 

This class is for everyone who desires a deeper connection with their body and their natural way of moving. It also serves as a powerful tool to complete stress responses and move from dissociation towards embodiment. 

Twice per month on Sunday at 11h. 


Full Moon Yin

Monthly Community Event.

Every month we come together under the powerful energy of the full moon to connect, rest & integrate.

We start each circle with a cup of tea or ceremonial cacao to orient ourselves within the space and group. We reflect on the themes this full moon is inviting us to explore. If you feel safe, you are welcome to share any reflections and be witnessed and held by the group. 

Afterwards, we transition into a deeply nourishing and healing somatic yin class. We create space to feel what has been asking to be felt and connect to our source of inner safety and grounding. This serves as a powerful ritual to connect to our cyclical nature as women.

If you desire to explore a deeper connection with yourself, each other and the moon, join us for the next Full Moon Yin circle.

Every Full Moon from 19h30 tot 22h.

Volgende edities:

- Sagittarius Full Moon 23/05

- Capricorn Full Moon 23/06

Register by finding the date in the calender.

full moon yin
my approach

my philosophy

what to expect from my classes

your body as the highest authority

Your body always knows best. I can be your guide, but whenever anything does not feel good, you are welcome to adjust and choose your own adventure. How things feel for our body is much more important than what it looks like. 

safety is the therapy (- Stephen Porges)

My number one priority is to orient you towards outer & inner safety. Our nervous system needs safety to self- and co-regulate. It is the journey of cultivating inner safety that creates space to descend back into our bodies.

everything is welcome

Every experience, emotion, thought, movement, body, .. is welcome. You are not expected to suppress any authentic expression. There are no expectations, and you cannot do anything wrong. 

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