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(An online community portal for) tending to your inner sanctuary.


Way of Yin is our online community portal,  a space for daily rituals of gentle softening. 

A space where it is safe to soften. 

Nourished by the gentle teachings of Yin.

We are exploring the inner landscape of our Body-Mind Complex, shining a gentle light on our shadows & constrictions so they can serve as seeds for our gifts and expanding capacity for love & trust.

We are all walking our unique paths, we can receive support & encouragement on the way.

Together, we rest. Together, we feel.

Together, we build/explore/tend to/cultivate our inner sanctuary.

We infuse our daily life with the essence of yin: tender, loving, nourishing.

Together, we connect to the inherent cellular wisdom our body holds.

Navigating life together, exploring how we can infuse more tenderness into our daily rituals.

A space to practice being ourselves in the soft embrace of safety.

Moving from dissociation to embodiment.

An online support system

(something that is not clear enough from reading this, is that it is all about love -- loving ourselves, every part of ourselves and we are doing that through the way of yin - through being gentle with ourselves and slowly embracing more parts of us in this loving embrace)

The Four 'Way of Yin' Pillars

1. Finding safety within

Nervous system regulation, healing dysregulation, learning how to feel & sitting at the edge of our emotions without dissociating. Healing co-dependence & emotional reactivity. Our only true source of safety is found within our body. Learnin how to feel safe within our emotional, physical & energetic boy. Sitting with your fears, exploring emotions & expanding your capacity to feel. Entering the void. Feeling safe in the void.

2. Cultivating trust in Self & Life & Body

Our bodies are intelligent vehicles for experiencing this life on earth. Invite yourself, with love & compassion, to start to truts your bodies' needs, desires,... and that this trust will lead you towards support, nourishment & fulfillment. Our body is the microcosm of the macrocosm. Trusting Life & our Body is intimatly connected. When we establish a foundation of safety and are gently moving out of stress & survival, we have the capacity to cultivate trust in ourselves, our body, and Life. 

3. Learning to speak the language of the body


4.Authentic expression of Self & Purpose


 - Somatic rest practices

- Deep-dive workshops

- Tea Talks

- Community Circles

Weaving together somatics, embodiment, yoga, human design, gene keys & more.

continual communal nourishment through exclusive podcasts, monthly circles, & regular check-ins

- weekly somatic rest practices

- study of ancient and modern texts & teachings

- monthly workshops on herbalism, spirituality, embodiment, cyclical living, nervous system and more



I am creating Way of Yin mostly as a space for myself to just be, rest, read, drink tea. As a sensitive being, I only want to be in rooms where my sensitivity is celebrated & valued, where I feel safe to welcome all parts of me, especially the ones that had to go into hiding for many years. One where I feel safe to feel deeply, share my love & reverence for my body and the immense wisdom it holds. ))) -- no overexplaining!!


Way of Yin is an organically evolving library of yin teachings & practices. There are no restrictions or expectations. I trust that this space will grow into a well of knowledge, connection & support. We will co-create at the pace of our bodies, following our authentic needs & organic desires.

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