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yoga + breathing

45 min - a super relaxing yin yoga class that loosens the whole body and closes with a relaxation exercise

30 min - the ultimate stress release for moments of overwhelm and chronic stress

38 min -  come into a deep state of calm and relaxation with this yin yoga class where we do all the poses on our backs

28 min -  a yin yoga class to take the tension off the neck and shoulders

25 min. (ENG) - gentle somatic movement to re-establish your connection to your body when you are feeling ungrounded and dissociated.

40 min -  release all the tension trapped in the hips with this deep hip release

36 min -  a comforting, nourishing yoga class for when your rules bother you

10 minutes of deep, calm breathing to slow down the nervous system and reconnect to your body (ENG)

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